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  商品名稱: Lighten PDF To PowerPoint Converter 6.0.0 一款非常好用的PDF文件轉換器
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Lighten PDF To PowerPoint Converter 6.0.0 一款非常好用的PDF文件轉換器
Lighten PDF to PowerPoint Converter是一款非常好用的PDF文件轉換器,支持批量轉換,可以一次導入無限的pdf文件。轉換過程中保留原有的文本、樣式、圖表、表格、圖形等元素與佈局。

Presenters love saving the presentation materials into PDF for distribution. But once the PowerPoint was saved as PDF, it's not easy to reuse the content. With Lighten PDF to PowerPoint Converter, you can convert the PDF to PPT without efforts, so you can modify or make use of the content in PowerPoint application. PDF to PowerPoint Conversion will preserve the original layouts, content and graphics as accurate as possible. Reusing the PPT presentation cannot be easier.

Convert PDF to PowerPoint Accurately
PDF to PowerPoint Converter can detect the elements in PDF correctly thanks to the advanced document reconstruction algorithm. It will try to preserve everything as accurate as possible, and make it easy to edit in PowerPoint application.

Even when the PDF has complicated layout or includes tables, text content, images or chart, it can still accurately convert the PDF to PPT.

How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint with the app?
It may take a few hours to reproduce the PowerPoint according to an existing PDF, but it takes only a few seconds to convert PDF to PPT using this app. It takes no more than 3 steps to get the PDF conversion job done.

• Step 1: Add the PDF files, or simply drag and drop the files to the file list;
• Step 2:Select the output page and a folder path to save the converted PPTX files;
• Step 3:Click 'Start' button to start the PDF to PPT conversion. Once done, you can click on the quick link to view the converted PPTX file, or go to the output folder to view all the PPT files.

Efficient way to convert PDF to PPT
• Lighten PDF to PowerPoint Converter runs super fast, it takes only about 30 seconds to convert a 100-page PDF to a PowerPoint Presentation.
• Support batch conversion, you can import multiple PDF files at one time. Once click to convert all the PDF to PPT.
• Built-in PDF Reader helps you quickly view the imported PDF files.
• You can choose plain text (TXT) as output file if you only need to reuse the text content.
• If the PDF file is protected by copying or printing permission, it can bypass the security and convert the file directly without problems.

System Requirement
• Operating System: Microsoft Windows®10, 8, 7, Vista and XP (all editions)
• Does not require Microsoft office and Adobe product installed
• Recommended hardware Processor: 2GHz Processor RAM: 1G
• Free Space: File Size: 6.43MB, 100MB recommended
Release Notes

• official site does not provide any info about changes in this version