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  商品名稱: PDF Search 7.5 MacOS PDF文件搜索工具
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PDF Search 7.5 MacOS PDF文件搜索工具
PDF Search Mac版是Mac平台上的一款PDF文件搜索工具,PDF Search Mac版可以進行相關性搜索,以便在數千個PDF文檔之間立即找到最相關的頁面。


PDF Search Mac版通過使用其全新的算法對PDF文件進行排名,來顯示最準確的頁面。您可以直接從系統菜單欄(如Spotlight)開始搜索需要找到的PDF。相比普通的搜索工具進行的搜索。他們只檢查您的關鍵字是否存在於文檔中。然後顯示給你一堆文件列表。你還需要一個接一個地檢查它們是否是你正在尋找的PDF文件。

PDF Search Mac版將所有檢查結合到一個全新的算法中。使用該算法,可以在數千個文檔之間立即找到最相關的頁面。






PDF Search is a utility which has a revolutionary search algorithm especially developed for PDF documents. The time to reach the information in your PDF documents will be minimum with it. It will make you able to find what you are looking for within thousands of documents instantly. It is system integrated. You can start a search directly from system menu bar like Spotlight.

• Ultra-fast search
• Synchronization between iOS and macOS app.
• Page ranking system
• Word distance algorithm
• Keyword placement analyze
• Ability to understand what you mean when you mistype a keyword
• Export search results as a new PDF document which is containing all best pages from most relevant documents. So you can share results as one document.
• Wild-char search ability to search words starting or ending with other words.
• Export current page as PDF easily to share with others
• Folder based navigation
• iCloud folder support
• Tag support
• Bookmark support
• Empower search with similar keywords
• Emphasize power ranking (Header, title, paragraph detection)
• PDF Converter : Convert office documents to PDF
• Export as PDF
• Support for Word, Powerpoint, Pages, Keynote and RTF documents with the integration of PDF Converter app.
• Ability to run as a window app or menu bar app.
• Search specific files
• Higher rank for up-to-date files
• Quick navigation between pages in different documents
• Highlighting keywords in animations
• Insert annotates to pages (Highlight, Underline, Strikethrough)
• Global shortcut key to search
• Backup index database
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Supported Operation Systems:
macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit