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Colibri 1.9.0 MacOSX-無損音頻播放器
Colibri Mac是一款基於BASS技術的本地無損音頻播放器。Colibri支持所有流行格式的播放,在播放音樂時使用幾乎不重要的計算能力,更加的節省您的電池,從底層廣泛設計,提供真正無間隙的聆聽體驗. 
Colibri 軟件特色
節省您的電池 - Colibri在播放音樂時使用幾乎不重要的計算能力。該應用程序使用最先進的Swift 3編程語言構建,BASS音頻引擎作為機器代碼捆綁在一起,而該界面由Apple使用內置組件。這樣做是為了實現一個微小的足跡,並且像人類可能一樣成為macOS的本地。
播放您的音頻 - Colibri可以播放廣泛使用的無損音頻文件格式:FLAC,ALAC,WAV,AIFF,APE,TTA和WavPack以及這些流行的有損格式:Ogg Vorbis,MP1 / MP2 / MP3和AAC / M4A。如果需要,可能會考慮額外的格式支持。
處理CUE表 - Colibri讀取,處理 - 並在一定程度上消毒提示單。在加載過程中重新處理格式不正確和無序的內容,如果寫入表中的音頻文件丟失,則Colibri對可能的文件名/擴展名進行了一些有根據的猜測。如果該表不包含藝術家,歌曲標題或專輯信息,Colibri嘗試從音頻文件頭本身提取歌曲信息。
支持無縫播放 - Colibri從底層廣泛設計,提供真正無間隙的聆聽體驗 - 無論使用或不使用提示表。
選擇您離開的地方 - Colibri在退出時保存您當前的播放列表,並重新啟動歌曲,並重新啟動歌曲數據,在播放會話之間保持歌曲數據,無論之前是否從CUE表單或單個文件加載。完全支持Apple的Sandbox保護。
避免大多數問題 - Colibri在播放之前,播放期間和播放後儘可能地避免大多數問題 - 但是有些情況下,錯誤檢查和猜測索引不足。加載不受支持的文件將在狀態欄中顯示為錯誤消息,並且已經消失的文件,因為載入被自動刪除並在播放列表中到達時被跳過。
理解你的語言 - Colibri能夠呈現出要顯示的歌曲信息:在所有嘗試的元數據中,顯示與ASCII混合的西里爾文或漢字/片假名/平假名字符都沒有問題。
尊重您的隱私 - Colibri不會回家,以任何方式收集使用數據或修改文件。它記錄的唯一數據是您的播放列表和設置:循環模式狀態,是否顯示菜單欄以及在狀態欄中顯示哪些信息文本 - 沒有別的!
顯示專輯封面 - Colibri顯示FLAC文件的嵌入式封面。當它不產生結果時,它會在當前歌曲所在的文件夾中查找封面藝術圖像。
在菜單欄中 - Colibri可以在菜單欄中放置一個不顯眼的小圖標,方便訪問和播放列表控制:您可以啟動/暫停播放,跳到下一曲目或返回上一個曲目。它還顯示當前歌曲的信息和封面藝術圖像。
與Finder集成 - Colibri符合所有Apple的嚴格要求 - 這意味著當選擇支持的文件時,它會在Finder中顯示為“Open With”中的選項。這又使得它作為建議的文件關聯選項可用。
調整到您的顯示器 - Colibri的界面元素在每個屏幕分辨率和像素密度上都能很好地縮放。
Ogg Vorbis,MP1 / MP2 / MP3和AAC / M4A

Native Lossless Audio for macOS.A refreshingly new addition to the audio player scene.Colibri is a native macOS audio player built from scratch on top of the award-winning BASS technology.

Colibri supports cristal-clear bit-perfect playback of all popular lossless and lossy audio formats, uses only a tiny amount of computing power and offers a clean and intuitive user experience.

Saves your battery - Colibri uses a barely noticable amount of computing power during the playback of your music. The application is built using state-of-the-art Swift 3 programming language, the BASS audio engine is bundled as machine code while the interface uses built-in components by Apple. This was done in order to achieve a tiny footprint and to be as native to macOS as humanly possible.

Plays your audio - Colibri is able to playback the most widely used range of file formats in terms of lossless audio: FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, APE, TTA and WavPack - along with these popular lossy formats: Ogg Vorbis, MP1/MP2/MP3 and AAC/M4A. Additional format support might be considered if requested.

Handles CUE Sheets - Colibri reads, processes - and to some extent - sanitizes cue sheets. Malformed and disordered content is reprocessed during loading and should audio files written in the sheet be missing then Colibri makes a few educated guesses on the possible file name/extension. If the sheet does not contain artist, song title or album information then Colibri tries to extract the song info from the audio file header itself.

Supports gapless playback - Colibri is extensively designed from the ground-up to provide a true gapless listening experience - with or without using a Cue Sheet.

Picks up where you left off - Colibri saves your current playlist upon quitting and re-opens your songs when you start it up again, maintaining the song data between playback sessions, regardless of having them previously loaded from CUE sheets or single files. Apple's Sandbox protection is fully supported.

Avoids most problems - Colibri does its' best to avoid most problems before, during and after playback - however there are situations where error checking and guessing indexes won't suffice. Loading unsupported files show up as an error message in the status bar and files that have disappeared since loading are automatically removed and skipped upon being reached in the playlist.

Understands your language - Colibri is capable of rendering the song information as it was intended to be shown: of all the tried metadata it had no problem with displaying cyrillic or kanji/katakana/hiragana characters mixed with ASCII.

Respects your privacy - Colibri does not phone home, collect usage data or modify files in any way. The only data it remembers are your playlist and settings: the loop mode state, whether to show the menubar and which pieces of info text to display in the status bar - nothing else!

Displays album art - Colibri displays embedded cover art for FLAC files. When that yields not results then it looks in the folder where the current song resides for a cover art image.

Resides in your Menu Bar - Colibri can place an unobtrusively small icon in the Menu Bar for easy access and playlist control: you can either start/pause the playback, skip to the next track or go back to the previous one. It also displays the info and cover art image of the current song.

Integrates with Finder - Colibri conforms all of Apple's strict requirements - which means that it shows up in Finder as an option in "Open With" when a supported file is selected. Which in turn also makes it an available as a suggested file association option.

Adjusts to your Display - Colibri's interface elements scale themselves nicely on every screen resolution and pixel density.
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What's New in Version 1.4.2

Happy Holidays Everyone!

- The red Close button no longer quits Colibri - instead, it dismisses the main window which can be re-opened by clicking the Colibri icon on the Dock
- Colibri now responds to the media keys (Previous, Play/Pause, Next) of your keyboard
- Reworked Sandbox support to fully support Cue sheet and Album art image loading

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